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The Christians in Lopburi have been invited to be involved in the Narai festival which is taking place until the 17th February. King Narai reigned from 1656 to 1688 A.D. During his reign Constantine Phaulkon was his advisor and had a house near the royal palace. There are the remains of a catholic church in the grounds of his house. The minister for culture has invited the Christians in Lopburi to be present at the church during the Narai festival. Each evening a different church is holding short services and the members have the opportunity to talk to visitors and give out tracts. During the festival people dress in period costumes including the foreigners. The missionaries are involved with the Thai Christians in worship and preaching.

The first evening the Bible message was of the good shepherd going out to find the one lost sheep. The sheep was probably scared once it realised that it was lost but then the shepherd came calling and the sheep recognised the shepherd’s voice. There are many people in Thailand who are living in fear and have not yet come into the shepherd’s flock. Please pray that as God’s word is shared, through tracts and short talks, that people’s ears and hearts would be open to hear the message of good news. Pray that visitors will see the joy of the Lord as Christians worship in song.


Julia Birkett


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