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Along with our ministry at Walailak University, Dave and I sometimes help at a local church with their Children’s Sunday school class.
We regularly get about 5 Thai students. Today we taught the lesson on Jesus healing the demon-possessed man. The lesson is in a series we have been teaching about how Jesus is the ultimate superhero and has power over all things, even evil spirits!

Amazingly enough the sermon during service was also on the same passage! When I realized that, I felt the need to pray thinking God must have a special plan for this lesson.
After service as we were preparing to leave after eating lunch, the Thai pastor excitedly approached us.

“Teacher Lila, thank you so much for teaching Sunday school. These two teenage girls have decided to accept Jesus today!”

I was so excited and almost felt like crying.
Last night, Dave and I was actually talking about the Sunday school class and wondering if the students were actually interested. We felt at times they were not. We wondered if we needed to change our approach.

So here was the pastor sharing this great news. When I also shared about how the Sunday school lesson was from the same passage, the pastor declared it was the Holy Spirit! And we all praised Him together!
I am humbled that even though I felt our Sunday school wasn’t going well, God is still so good and does His will despite our weaknesses.


Dave & Lila Chang

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