Taking a Sabbath at ” the Pines”

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I first brought my family of six to The Pines over 20 years ago. Recently my adult son and I had a nostalgic trip to this beachside OMF Holiday Home on the Gulf of Thailand. Just like most ministers in the West, we missionaries find it very difficult to get proper rest and relaxing on our mission stations. Regular “Sabbaths” are a valid goal, yet many find it very difficult to maintain. That is why our family always took at least two weeks at The Pines: the first week to unwind and the second week for more complete rest. The Pines was always a family favorite due to its isolated location, family style meals, laundry service and all the amenities: swimming pool, skatepark, 600 Movie DVDs, 160 jig-saw puzzles, 1000s of books, weekly worship service as well as loads of family outings in the area. We always left feeling that our physical, emotional and spiritual batteries had been fully recharged as we got ready for the next season of intense ministry. Do pray that those of us on the field will find creative ways to work through the needed ebb and flow of work and play that is necessary to have a well balanced wholistic ministry in this country.


Larry Dinkins

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