The God of Jonah

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Before I chose to serve God in mission, I never would have chosen to serve in children’s ministry. I have a really hard time being around children who are ill-mannered. But after I volunteered to come to serve in Nakhon Si Thammarat 2 years ago, I found that I was actually spending the largest share of my time in ministry with children.

This included helping teach English in schools, leading kids clubs, as well as teaching Thai to and looking after children of expat missionaries. The hardest was when I had to lead a kids club made up mainly of kids from rough backgrounds, kids that didn’t respect adults and a number of whom were dropping of school and getting into drugs.

One of my biggest fears has been that I’ll react in anger to ill-behaved children. But God has been faithful in these past two years and others have even told me they think I’m gifted in working with children. And even though I still struggle with this fear, God seems intent in bringing me into this ministry more and more. Just recently, I was voluntold to look after children for a 3 day conference. I was tempted to run away like Jonah, but as I prayed I had peace that God would be faithful to strengthen and equip me and make this experience another memorial stone of His faithfulness. In what areas are you tempted to be like Jonah? Don’t run! This could be your next opportunity to experience God’s grace.


Angel McCallum

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