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It was Sunday, and some OMF colleagues from Bangkok had flown in that morning to attend the church service at the house church of Yaang Sisuraat, Isaan. Everything was business as usual, until quite suddenly the OMF short termer walked to the front, as the sermon had finished. Only in Bangkok for three weeks, her first time in Isaan, and without any knowledge of Thai or knowing the people of Yaang Sisuraat church, she started sharing words of knowledge and encouragement, one specific word for every single person present. She didn’t know who the leader was, who were the quiet people, nor what their specific troubles were, but the Holy Spirit knew. She spoke words of encouragement from several Bible verses that she had written down during the service. That day God chose to encourage every single person through words of knowledge. I was completely blown away, as I have never experienced it this precise, so spot on.

There was even an encouragement for me. Lately I have been listening to this one specific song from the Dutch singer/songwriter Kees Kraayenoord with Dutch words that would translate something like ‘’hold on, don’t give up, He won’t let go.’’ Every time I listen to this song, it brings tears to my eyes, as I so need to hear these words. And God chose to encourage and build up my faith by the words spoken again to me that day: ‘’Keep sowing, hold on, don’t give up, He won’t let go.’’ Wow! It is God who knows the heart, the things we struggle with, and the challenges we face. And God chose to use one of his servants to give very specific words of encouragement from the Bible, which impacted every single person present right in the heart. I was very much surprised by the Spirit!

Ewoud & Gerjo Koning

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