The man or woman of peace

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Lately, in a seminar about church planting, we were reminded of the biblical notion of the man or woman of peace. Jesus tells his disciples they should look for a man or woman of peace and then they should stay with that family. They should give their blessing to the house and if it is worthy, the house will be blessed. In Acts we see how Peter and Paul each meet these men or women of peace and stay in their homes while in that city. These homes are the beginning of house churches.

I never really experienced this until now. Often we would meet one or two people from a house who would receive Christ, but the rest of the family wouldn’t follow. So when we were reminded of this encouragement of Jesus to seek out a man or woman of peace, I was curious and hopeful to find this special house. My colleague and I, who do a lot of ministry together, prayed for this special man or woman and it seems we have found him: A man who has opened his house for us and invites his neighbours and family, friends of their children and anyone who passes by to listen to the gospel. This week we will visit and have a meal with them for the first time. It really reminds me of these special families we meet in the book of Acts. I hope and pray that through this man’s networks we (or he and his family) may reach many more in the coming days.

Please pray for the church in Thailand, that we as missionaries and Thai workers will find these houses and that they may be the start of a church in that village or city.


Wilke & Marlies den Hertog

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