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Today I would like to share with you the story of Auntie Chompoo or Pa Chompoo as we call her in Thai. Pa Chompoo has a daughter, her only child. Sadly this daughter has been using drugs since she was in grade 9. This addiction went on and on and became worse until she turned 33 years old. Her life was a mess. She separated from her husband and one of her two children had to grow up with the grandmother on their father’s side and the other with Pa Chompoo. Pa Chompoo was so disappointed with the life of her daughter and had lost all hope that her daughter’s life might get better. But then last November the police sent her daughter for therapy at a Christian foundation center. During that time Pa Chompoo was not able to see her daughter. They could only speak with each other on the phone. When Pa Chompoo did meet her again, her daughter was a different person. She had become a Christian during her therapy, and had changed completely.

Pa Chompoo is so surprised, but also so happy now! Her daughter has started to tell Pa Chompu about her new faith, and now Pa Chompoo wants to know everything about God. She has seen that this God was able to change her daughter. Her daughter had been dead, but now she’s born again and she has a new life! Just recently Pa Chompoo heard that there are Christians in her village, Ta Khro (Amphur Phaisali, Nakhon Sawan). She came to our meeting on Sunday evening two weeks ago. This past Sunday she even brought her mother and granddaughter to our cell group meeting. She is so hungry for God and the gospel and wants to know Him better.

Please pray that Pa Chompoo and her family will come to know their Savior Jesus! Thank you so much!


Written by Amy Marz, a Thai lady who is doing church planting in Nakhon Sawan Provinve
Edited by Emanuel & Barbara Zwygart

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