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Mrs Yung (in green shirt) was very glad when we visited her at Nong Soi Thong village in Nakhon Sawan province. Her brother had recently come to know Christ in Bangkok, and informed an OMF missionary that his sister was interested to hear the Good News. This missionary contacted us and we went to see Mrs Yung. She was very hungry to know God.

During our second visit, Anong explained to Mrs Yung the Gospel and, with tears in her eyes, she committed her life to Christ.
Since then, Mrs Yung’s mother as well as five other Nong Soi Thong villagers have come to faith in Jesus. There is now a regular cell-group as well as a Kids Bible Club at Mrs Yung’s house. On Sundays, the believers from this village travel 10km to Thong En Church (Singburi province) for worship service.


Eng Kiat & Anong Ng

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  • Susan Bunnell

    Aww . . . what a beautiful testimony letting us know that there are those who hunger and thirst to hear of Jesus the Blessed Redeemer. Praising the Lord for Mrs Yung and the others of the church in Nong Soi Thong.

  • Meili Liew

    So wonderful to hear of God’s mighty works in Thailand! It’s lovely to hear about how God is using Mrs Yung’s faith to impact more people around her. Wow! Travelling 10km just to get to Thong En Church in Singburi Province! It’s encouraging to read of the ministry of Eng Kiat & Anong Ng, a couple who really loves the Lord! God continue to bless your ministry & your 2 lovely daughters!

  • Meili Liew

    How wonderful to hear of God’s mighty works in Thailand! Amazing how Mrs Yung’s new-found faith has already begun impacting those around her! It’s encouraging to read of the ministry of Eng Kiat & Anong among the Thai people. Their love for our Lord & for the Thai people is seen in their untiring ministry all these years. God continue to use you both in His mighty & mysterious ways & of course bless your 2 lovely daughters too!

    P/S I wonder if Eng Kiat remembers me! Used to serve in the Teachers’ Ministry years ago in the then Institute of Education Campus Ministry. 🙂

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