The fastest growing church in Thailand’s history

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There is a church planting movement in Central Thailand spreading so rapidly that it is almost beyond belief. In a country where church growth has been so slow for over 200 years – over 7,100 new believers in the past year alone!

The Free in Jesus Christ Church Association (FJCCA) was relatively a  small network of churches until the pivotal movement during Christmas in 2016. Due to the passing of the King of Thailand, the large Christmas event which had been planned had to be cancelled. So instead of having a big Christmas gathering in the main town, they decided to go to the surrounding villages to hold smaller evangelism events in 17 villages. “As a result, more than 5,000 people heard the gospel and 700 people became believer and 17 house churches were started.” (p. 2 “Free in Jesus Christ Church Association Church Planting Movement in Central Thailand by Dwight Martin).

The great thing about this church planting movement was that it was started by a Thai pastor and has little missionary involvement. It is indigenous. And the movement is continuing to grow at an astounding rate.

May God continue to use this movement.


Rich & Lisa Cho

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