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If someone is unkind to me. I better keep my mouth shut, right? “For the second time in 2 weeks, I hear this remark. This time while doing the dishes, after the church’ lunch on Sunday.
On my knees, I clean the dishes with a sponge, while the Thai believer washes the rinses the plates with clean water and places them in the drying basket.
This conversation reminds me again that a lot of rubbish can come to people online. But not only online. An elderly church member has joined us and starts to pull the grass from the garden behind the church. “Yes, try to bless the people around you and wish the best of God,” she says as encouragement. “I try again and again. The Lord Jesus encourages us from the Bible. It helps my own heart not to get angry and it usually does not make a situation worse. ”

The young Thai believer confirms that it is not always easy, but that she slowly learns that she has the choice not to let situations escalate by reacting in anger.
A God-given conversation, so encouraging for each other! After the dishes everyone goes home again, to the village where he or she is the only Christian. Or they are online on social media where their group of friends for the most part consists of non-believers. But fortunately everyone is connected to the fellowship of Christians through God. We pray that God’s Spirit surrounds us all, wherever we are.
We meet again next week to worship God together, to encourage one another, thank and pray for our daily life as a Christian.


Sijmen & Annelies den Hartog

  • Peter Passchier

    Of course you can’t respond to every perceived unkindness, especially if it hits a sore spot (which it often does..!). But keeping your mouth shut as a rule is not helpful – it may grow longsuffering in the practitioner, but it doesn’t help the relationship nor the unkind person. I find “calling out” a very effective and spiritually sound way to respond. Just pointing out the unkindness in the simplest of ways, for instance saying: “Ow, that is not kind!”. Using a word of truth to counter bad spirits better be done from an attitude of love. Quickly forgive the unkindness (if you can!) before entering into this arena, otherwise the spiritual escalation can be unpleasant and very unhelpful. But believers should be encouraged to seek connection over isolation.

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