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“This story makes me think of my own life”. Mrs A had been listening intensely to the biblical story where the widow experienced a miracle when she got so much oil out of a little jar to sell that she could pay back all her depts. Tears run down Mrs A’s cheeks, and then she shares her story. She is a widow with two children 7 and 1 year old for whom she has to care alone. It was hard for her to make ends meet, let alone to pay back depts. She used to be the pillar of the family. Through illegal dealings she now ended up in a drug rehabilitation hospital.
The Nampu-Fountain team is ministering in this government institution weekly and hears many heart breaking stories. “God loves you and wants to provide for all your needs”. This message brings hope and a chance for a new beginning. Many women respond positively and want to start a new life when they go back.


Christina Sutter

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