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It was around 5 years ago that the first discussions and explorations began. There were ideas, visits to different places, more discussion. But what was needed?

As we looked at our then current Lopburi Learning Centre we realised the degree to which the building itself was limiting people’s learning. From this a dream was born. The dream was to develop a facility which would more suitably enable our vision to be fulfilled. The vision of enabling new workers to adjust to life in Thailand, to learn Thai language and Thai culture in order that they may be effective ministers of the gospel in a culturally and linguistically appropriate way for the Thai context. After exploring ideas such as renovating our current building and moving into another existing building it was realised that a new purpose built facility would be the most appropriate option.

So, four years ago the dreaming began. We dreamt about and discussed what the real needs were, what would bring those dreams into fruition?

Four years on we have seen how God has brought those dreams into being. He has provided all that has been needed. Resources, people with specialist knowledge, people willing to serve in many different capacities. It has been wonderful to see God’s provision of the right thing or the right person with the exact knowledge needed just at the time those things have been needed.

In early May the dream came to fruition as we moved from the old Lopburi Learning Centre into the new Lopburi Learning Centre. Like the Israelites on their journey to the promised land there were unexpected challenges along the way and problems to overcome. There were times where we needed to walk by faith and not be sight. It is a joy to see the dream becoming reality: To see both learners and language helpers enjoying the building, being inspired, seeing a facility that is fulfilling its purpose and for many people being equipped for ministry here in Thailand.


Heather Simmons

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