Thai Soccer Team Lost, Found! … and Rescued?

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The world breathed a sigh of relief when the news came that the 12 Thai soccer team members who had been trapped for 9 days in a cave near the golden triangle had been found. Yet now we realize that finding them is relatively easy compared to rescuing them from their watery grave. There was a similar joy when the 32 Chilean miners were found alive after 17 days of searching back in 2010. However, it took a massive international effort taking 69 days to actually rescue them. Three parables in Luke 15 illustrate a similar joy when a housewife, shepherd and father find what they had been so diligently looking for. Yet with the prodigal son, more work needed to be done before true restoration could be accomplished.

The same is true in missions today. We have found and identified most all of the UPGs (Unreached People Groups) in the world. The harder work is to show them that Jesus is the only one who finds [spiritually] lost people and rescues them. The Thai are one such UPG, numbering 69 million souls. There are hundreds more UPGs throughout East Asia. Who will be willing to leave their comfortable surroundings to make the effort and count the cost of going into the pit to pull them out?

Larry Dinkins

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  • Victoria Sheppard

    Praying for the team and coach that they may be free. Praying for all the rescue teams, for safety for all, that the water will not continue to rise and that the eventual rescue attempts will be successful. For the families waiting for their children’s rescue.

    Lord, may Thailand truly be a land of the free. That You will be their light in the darkness.

  • Sheryl M.

    I’ve been following this news and I appreciate Larry’s perspective. Yes, let us pray for these children’s physical rescue but even more for their people’s spiritual rescue. Praying for God’s glory to be revealed through this difficult situation.

  • Alan Lew

    Unfortunately, I think many of them have attributed their good fortune to Buddha or some other false God. We should make sure that we thank the only God worthy of worship for the rescue of them all. Now that their bodies have been saved, perhaps they will turn be more inclined to pay attention to the eternal salvation of their souls.

  • Dot

    Doesn’t it make us think how easy it is to go our own way by making decisions that take us into dangerous places of darkness, often unknowingly. The rescue to get people out of difficult situations can be long and arduous needing expertise and well thought out strategies.

  • Terry Vette

    Let us continue that these students, coach and family wilt truly trust in Jesus and have a deep working in their hearts. Thank you Jesus.

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