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Two local churches invite a medical team, my wife and me for an outreach in Takhro. Takhro is a remote village below a mountain range in the district of Phaisali, Nakhon Sawan province. It has more than four thousand households.

That morning, we were asked to visit someone right in the heart of the village. We were told that these people are the first and only Christian family in the village. They came to know the Lord through relatives from the South-east of Thailand.

Right in front of their house wasn’t anymore a village pump, but a radio antenna. It turns out that these new believers are the owners of the local radio station.
So far this family has not had someone to build them up in their faith and no regular fellowship with other Christians. But they said that they are happy to open their house for a cell group to be started. And as we were there a relative phoned and said that they want to give land for a church….

After this visit, I was sitting with 6-8 men besides the local administration, chatting about all sorts of things until a man said: “I can see you are a good hearted person and what you say is true.” From here I started to share the truth that I know about the Creator God and Jesus who has changed my life.

There will be battles to take place as the local Christians do follow-up and do more outreach. They need our prayers. Will you pray with us?
• Mr. Kaew and his family to grow as disciples of Jesus that will disciple others.
• Pray that their home in the heart of this village will become a place of worship where people come to know the Creator God.
• The people in that village were very amiable and friendly, but they do not know the Lord yet. Pray that this radio station will send out “waves of truth and hope” to the fields in this remote area where thousands of people live. May they come to know the truth that will set them free.

And as we were driving away from that village full of praise we had to stop our car to fill our tank with petrol. And we started to talk with the lady filling our tank. We told her that we are missionaries and would like to pass on the Good News to her, God’s story… And do you know how she responded? “You have come exactly to the right place. I love reading Christian literature.” Another person to be followed up.


Emanuel & Barbara Zwygart

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