Lopburi and John Bunyan

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Throughout the city of Lopburi there are several ancient ruins (all refurbished and maintained). The oldest is called Prang Khaek, see the photo above. It dates from the 11th century (before Thailand was Thailand!) and was probably a Hindu shrine. Most of the other ruins date from the 17th century when King Narai was reigning over the kingdom.

Each year Lopburi celebrates what it calls King Narai days. Everyone dresses ostensibly how they dressed in the 17th century and joins to celebrate the richness of their history. As I watched the festivities this year I gained a mix of comfort and inspiration realizing that John Bunyan was living on earth with King Narai. Though Jesuit missionaries were part of the Lopburi scene then, there were likely no pilgrims making progress in the city during those days–and still so few.


David & Anne Sheahan

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