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As church planters, we’re trying to reach out to groups, not just individuals. And when we reach out to an individual, we want to connect with their family and friendship groups as well. In one family, I reached out to the father first and shared a number of gospel stories with him, but he hasn’t shown interest to go deeper. As time has gone by, I’ve been able to connect with his 20 year old son as well.
And now God has opened the doors with his son’s group of friends, through music. It turns out that the son may in fact be more interested in the gospel. And this past week, we told me, that when he was younger, he had gone to play music at a church and enjoyed it.

This example also is part of a shift in my strategy. At first, I was trying harder to reach men who already have families. But as I see the example of Jesus, he chose mostly young guys around 20 as his disciples.
So, at this time, I am looking to focus most of my time on guys in their teens or early 20’s, though at the same time investing enough time with the older ones to build trust.


Steve McCallum

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