Faith comes by hearing

Last week, we listened as one of the Christian ladies shared how she was really relying on the MP3 player with an audio Bible, Christian songs, and testimonies, in order to learn the Gospel. She [...]


Lopburi and John Bunyan

Throughout the city of Lopburi there are several ancient ruins (all refurbished and maintained). The oldest is called Prang Khaek, see the photo above. It dates from the 11th century (before [...]


More Women in Thai church

I just spoke at a church camp for 70 Thai people. I counted only 11 males which works out to a 1 to 7 ratio. On a regular Sunday, this church has a higher ratio of males to females, but overall [...]


Father, son or?

As church planters, we’re trying to reach out to groups, not just individuals. And when we reach out to an individual, we want to connect with their family and friendship groups as well. In [...]


Walking through the Bible

One glaring concern missionaries have working in Thailand is Biblical illiteracy. One Thai leader admitted, “Thai Christians are unable to put events in the Bible into any sort of a [...]