Jona’s tree in front of our house

  After a day of hard work, we finally were able to pull out two trees besides the church. The church members had been talking about it for a while, but the concrete around the trees [...]


Fundraising Thai style

It was a chilly morning for Thailand as we set off on a short motorbike ride to a local temple, by the time we got to the temple I was feeling quite cold. Friends had invited us to observe this [...]


Chinese new year

The roads were quiet as I drove to my language helpers shop and home on the eve of Chinese New Year. As I drove I noticed many shops and homes had Chinese lanterns and outside many Thai homes I [...]


Christ over corruption

Over this past year, I have been wanting to do adventure ministry in the area where I live in order to reach local youth and young adults. A few kilometres from my house there is a small mountain [...]