Conversations on the way

Whenever I go on a journey on a plane, bus or train, I ask God for an opportunity to have a spiritual conversation with the person sitting next to me. I hadn’t caught a train in Thailand [...]


Billy Graham and Urbana

I just got word that Billy Graham passed into glory at 99 years old. I immediately thought of the impact that his life had on me as a young Christian. I grew up watching Graham before color TV in [...]



Thailand is an open country but the majority of the people are unengaged with the good news because there is no personal outreach in the communities where they live. There is a great need for new [...]


Culture, culture ……

… sometimes I just don’t get it. Some things just remain strange. But what do you want, if you were born on the other side of the world and now only five months are immersed in a completely [...]


Broken by Gods grace

Mrs. Nuthiap (78), had in the past had Christian neighbours in Lopburi province, from whom she had heard about Jesus. But she did not want to be a Christian. When we went to her house to tell her [...]


The ” real work”

In your mind imagine a large company with lots of departments. They have a department for sales, production, admin etc. There are managers and directors and even a CEO. Who does the ‘real work’ [...]