The dust on my feet

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What do you do when people are not interested anymore in doing Bible study? What do you do when the first Christian contact in your village (the hoped for catalyst, the reason you moved exactly there) says ‘she prefers to go to hell instead of forgiving her family’? What do you do when you go out to tell the gospel and people say they believe in the ancient black snake?

I felt somewhat depressed lately. This made me search my own heart, why was it so downcast? It is really easy to let your feelings depend on ‘success’ in ministry, did I fall for this one? Is knowing the Lord and rejoicing in Him for who He is something I know with my head, but does it still have to land in my heart?

Introspection is sometimes good, but there must also be time to look at what the Bible has to say. What do we need to do when there seems to be no response? When Jesus ordered his disciples to go out, He knew that they would encounter people who weren’t willing to receive them and listen to them. He ordered them in that case to shake the dust of their feet as they were leaving that home or town.

The disciples, they shook the dust of their feet and went to tell the good news to other people who did want to listen.

I know what I need to do as another disciple of Jesus. Shake the dust off my feet, continue the work with other people and let the joy of the Lord be my strength. Now I need to go out and find them…


Ewoud & Gerjo Koning

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  • Stefan Keller

    I can relate to our feelings! …some may also need many years until they are ready to listen, probably need a big crises first – like Paul.

  • Peter Passchier

    Because Thai people take a long time, I would rather stay in relationship with them through spells like this, so you can be there for them when they are ready. Don’t destroy your testimony of Jesus’ love..!

  • Parichart. Tangmatitam

    I was born and raised in Thailand. I converted to Christianity. I went to few countries for my education. I converted. I faced much persecution. Now I’m here in California. I worship at Chinese church and now serving in a Thai church. I understand how discouraged to serve in any part of Thailand. Here is my email And my phone number 626-3797910. Parichart Tangmatitam. Today is 1 April 2018. It’s Easter. Please stay in touch. Under the Lamb, Ms. Parichart T.

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