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This morning I walked out of our house to take our youngest son to school when I saw this table full of offerings in front of our two neighbors’ houses. In case you can’t tell, the table consists of a pig’s head with a carrot stuck in its mouth, a bottle of liquor, and pack of cigarettes, as well as some incense sticks.
The community in Phrom Khiri has an interesting mix of Buddhism, Brahmanism, animism and Chinese folk religions. Our neighbors both have a shrine in their house that they regularly give offerings to the spirits.

When I asked about it, they said they were offering it for good luck and for blessing on their houses and businesses.
It wasn’t surprising that when I came back home our two older boys were fighting and starting having attitudes towards me as I tried to start the day of homeschooling. I even found myself emotional and quick to be angry but by God’s Grace I was able to hold my temper. I shared with the boys what I saw outside to make them aware of the spirits that are around us. Not to be in fear but to remind ourselves what we are dealing with and that Satan and his workers are not happy we are here and he is making it clear.
Since we moved into this area a little over a year ago, our family have been confronted with Satan’s opposition to us being there. We have experienced many personal spiritual attacks from our previous house literally falling apart to major issues with our visa to be here.

When I talked about what happened with my husband Dave later in the day, he added that the neighbors were probably trying to appease the spirits since both houses have been experiencing major housing problems. We had a small pipe problem a month back that was quickly fixed but since then we haven’t experienced any other problems. We wondered if this maybe be an opportunity to show the difference between us. They know that we are Christians and why we are here. Maybe this can be an opportunity to have them see how mighty our God is. Please pray for openness of our neighbors as well as continual protection of our family as well as our other co-workers here in Phrom Khiri as well as all South Thailand.


Dave & Lila Chang

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