The challenge of language learning

On a recent trip to South India, I watched my host communicate effortlessly using numerous Indian languages. When I asked him how many languages he knew, he pulled out a Rupee bank note and [...]


Standing in the light

Last month, the parents of a local believer showed interest in learning more about Jesus. Praise God, that the mom has taken the step of faith and was baptized a few weeks ago! It is a joy to see [...]


Lessons in falling

Recently on an Adventure camp I was lead climbing, preparing a climb for the campers. At first glance I thought this climb was great with lots of hand holds, many places to put your feet, most [...]


A new year’s resolution

The leader of the nearby church called me around Christmas, really discouraged and he sounded like he was close to giving up. An active and important church member left the church to live with an [...]


God above all others

This morning I walked out of our house to take our youngest son to school when I saw this table full of offerings in front of our two neighbors’ houses. In case you can’t tell, the [...]


Change from within

The task of clearly sharing the “evangel” (gospel) among Thai people is a difficult task. We found this out once again during a medical outreach a couple of weeks ago. Some of the evangelists [...]



Choi became a member of our church when he took baptism in October 2016. Even before he took baptism, he attended church regularly for almost a year. He cannot read or write and his speech is [...]


A wake-up call

We began visiting people in the Phrom Khiri community on Wednesdays a couple months back. It’s something I used to like to do with my dad when I was a child, probably because I would often [...]


ฟรีทุกอย่าง!! – everything for free!!

Celebrating Christmas with Thai people is a wonderful opportunity to share and proclaim Gods love for the world. This season, we again went out to villages. Under the open sky we set up a stage, [...]