Thailand – ” # 1 in the world”

I recently read a surprising article in the Bangkok Post called “In the Lead” which ranked Thailand #1 in the world in various categories (both positive and negative): 1)coup d’états; [...]


Missed opportunity in Lopburi

We had arrived in Lopburi, a medium-sized city in central Thailand, to study language in our first year in Thailand. During that year, our sole mode of transportation was our bikes. We rode each [...]


It is the season

The sounds of Christmas have begun in Thailand with all the familiar classic songs that we are used to back home, being played at our local mall. The feelings of nostalgia and excitement from my [...]


The hammock spirit

  “There seem to be more of them than last time,” I was thinking out loud. We were passing a plot of land with many hammocks strung between the trees. It’s located next to a parking lot for [...]


Rainy season……… mold and flooding

This week we are reminded of the all that we don’t like about rainy season in South Thailand, namely mould, endless days of rain and the potential of flooding. This is our second year in South [...]


All power is given to Him!

Recently, I once again talked to Mrs. D. For about 3 years, she has been living in Sahatsakhan and making her living by selling grilled pork in the market. Therefore she has contact with many [...]


Strangers in a strange land

Last month, my family and I were in Sydney, visiting some friends and supporters. One friend took us to to a Thai restaurant near Manly Beach. As the waitress approached, we greeted her in Thai [...]