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Two weeks ago I started my early morning exercise routine, which is basically jogging a few laps around our neighbourhood block and getting a good start to the day. I had always wanted to do this but was too afraid. Back home it would be considered dangerous to jog alone in the early hours of the morning.

During my first morning run, I was nervous. I kept looking over my shoulders, worrying about the neighbourhood dogs, but soon it became normal and I felt safe.

Over these last few days I have observed the same things; a lady walking her dog, a monk doing his morning collection, an old man on his bicycle doing a few laps around the block,four older men taking their morning walk, a granny taking her granddaughter for a walk and kids waiting for their transport to school.

When I pass these people huffing and puffing I get a lovely smile and I was twice told that I was doing great and that I should keep it up. It made me realize that our neighbours are truly beautiful and warm people and the prayer of my heart for them is that one day they would come to know their true Creator God.


Jonathan & Genine Thomas

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