“Aliens & Strangers” in Thailand

Since my marriage in 1978 I have lived in 30 houses. I just moved into my most recent domicile today after spending the last couple of months in a guest room at the top of the Bible school I [...]


Graceful boredom

Sometimes life in a remote village in Isaan can be boring. For Isaan people too. What a grace for missionaries! I’m thinking about the hours in the afternoon at the market when there are no [...]


Big encouragement from small talk

Two years ago we started a cell group at Baan Kohklam village. Phii Nii was one of the leading members of that group so we wanted to train her up to be the leader of that group. But after some [...]


Breath of fresh air

Two weeks ago I started my early morning exercise routine, which is basically jogging a few laps around our neighbourhood block and getting a good start to the day. I had always wanted to do this [...]


Sticky rice & being made in the image of God

While we were trying to sort out our visa problems in Bangkok earlier this month, I remember going for a walk with C1 and C2 to look for some food for dinner. We came across a lady selling sticky [...]


Three ladies on a bench

To take on a new role in church planting may sound like we have achieved something. “From now on we do not need to do ‘the work’, but we will coach our brothers and sisters from behind the [...]