Why are you here?

 In All

It hits me like a wave bearing the force of the ocean behind it.

The exhaustion

The headache

The overwhelming of my brain

This is the daily grind of language school. It is a grind that is hard. It is a grind that has its many challenges, yet also has its benefits.

I stare at a paper with letters that confuse me

….yet they are starting to make more sense.

The vocabulary I study seems to go in one ear and out the other

….yet I use new words on a daily basis in conversations

I think I only understand 40% of the story

….yet when questions are asked I comprehend more than thought


Language school offers so many challenges. At times it can be discouraging. You feel you are making no progress and you constantly feel worn out. You look at the end of one year and wonder if you will ever make it. You see veteran missionaries speaking Thai with such ease and you wonder how is it possible.

Will I ever be there?

Will I be capable of the same feat?

Will Thai people ever understand me?


When I first arrived in Thailand, a veteran missionary and I sat down for lunch. He described a story to me of when he was in language school. He shared the challenges that he faced and his story paralleled what I go through very well. He described the same situations and the same doubts. He then proceeded to give me an encouraging thought that has pushed me to keep pushing everyday.

“Always remember why you are here.”


These words are some of the most valuable words I have ever been offered in my twelve years on the field in Asia. I have heard them before, but this time they came at the right time. It is so easy in times of stress to forget. This is what keeps me focused on the task. It is my constant reminder that my God is greater and I want people to see His Glory. It is so important that I keep my eyes set on this goal and not let the little things derail my focus and my trust in Christ.


This question is one that can be applied in all jobs and all lives.

Why are you where you are?

What is your purpose in your job, your mission and your life?

I know mine and it is what pushes me to keep going.

Do you know yours?

Noah & Maria Ward

  • Jimmy

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts . The impt question “Why are you here ?” Is indeed important to help us keep focus in keeping the cause and faith in Him. It will help all of us press on just like Christ, Paul and many of Christ’s disciples who left their homes and occupation to follow Him. We are looking forward to come to Thailand as we claim on His promise in Jeremiah 29:11

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