Missionaries with ” tattoos”

One strange observation I’ve made during my time in Thailand is the number of missionaries who sport a distinct “tattoo” half way up the calf of their leg. The mystery was solved for me after I [...]


Why are you here?

It hits me like a wave bearing the force of the ocean behind it. The exhaustion The headache The overwhelming of my brain This is the daily grind of language school. It is a grind that is hard. [...]


Still bowing to spirit houses

One day, I was giving some of the new Christians a ride into town in our car. As I drove, I noticed that one of the elderly Christian ladies raised her hands and bowed as we passed a prominent [...]


Changed by the gospel

After a long and painful battle with Asthma, Taa Soda was finally ushered into heaven. He, his wife and their granddaughter were the only believers in their family. And because all of their [...]