The Speed Limit Monk Statue

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Thailand has 68 million people and 35 million cars on the road. Of those vehicles, 76% of them have a Buddhist image sitting on the dashboard for protection. Yet Thailand ranks #2 in the world as far as road fatalities (most for speeding). An enterprising and famous monk called Pra Prayom is promoting a new Buddhist image to put on the dashboard instead of the traditional ones. It is called “The Speed Limit Monk Statue”. This image shows a seated Buddha with his left hand in his lap, but with his right hand held up like a policeman indicating the driver needs to slow down. The image is meant to face the driver as he drives and remind him to slow down. I am used to seeing Buddhist images in various configurations, all denoting an aspect of the Buddha’s teaching. But I have never seen one used as a way to reduce traffic fatalities. In most countries of the world you will find various images placed on the dashboards of cars in order to protect the driver. May the Thai people realize that no image is able to protect them and that their only hope is to find protection for their souls through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Larry Dinkins


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