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In trying to get back into Thai language learning, I sought out the help of Ms. Noy, who is a neighbor of ours and also a former Thailand championship takraw player. Ms. Noy has made her earnings (and even built her house) from prize money received from winning championships. She has traveled to many places to compete, and even taught at a university. Now she works occasionally as a referee at competitions. But she is not happy with life.
When we asked her about her family on a visit one day, she shared with us that she has 3 kids as well. But each kid has a different father, and she is divorced from her 3rd husband. Then she looked at both Dave and I, and said that she can really see that we care for each other as a couple. She longs for someone to care for her.
Pray that we may be Christ’s example through our marriage to the Thais in our community, and that ultimately they may find true love and care in Jesus Christ alone. Pray for our language learning, too!
P.S. For those who don’t know what takraw is, here is a photo of the sport. It is kind of like volleyball, where players are only allowed to use their feet.


 Dave & Lila Chang

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