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teach english bartlleetRecently I started teaching English at our local Anubaan (kindergarten). I volunteer and teach there every Friday for a few hours. Partly, I am doing this because I miss teaching in a classroom setting and it is a lovely feeling to be back in a classroom, this truly is my happy place. But more importantly, I am doing this in the hope that it will foster relationships within our community.
What a joy it was to walk through the market on Friday evening and have many children point us out to their parents and to hear them tell their parents that we are teaching them English at their school.
Please join with us in prayer that over the next few weeks and months we will have opportunities to meet their parents and foster good relationships with them and ultimately have the privilege of sharing the Gospel message with them.

Bruce & Trish Bartleet

  • Ellie krajewski

    I love that you teach in a public school! Lately, I’ve been thinking bout Jesus’s words: that receiving a child equals receiving him and His father.
    I also relate to missing teaching in a classroom! Retirement is not far away and I’ll have to get my teacher fix somewhere else! Hmmmm… maybe at the annual omg Thai conference?!

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