When we moved to Isaan a few years ago, we had some contacts, who seemed genuinely interested in the gospel. But after some months, most of them were gone. Later, we realized that they were [...]


7 Dangerous Days and 7 Passionate Days

It seems that every year during the Songkran Festival in Thailand a new record is broken. If it was a new record for the most water throwing revelers in the same place it would be acceptable, but [...]


Why we teach English

Recently I started teaching English at our local Anubaan (kindergarten). I volunteer and teach there every Friday for a few hours. Partly, I am doing this because I miss teaching in a classroom [...]


Nampu Fountain ministry

Mrs. Pat nicknamed her new baby boy “First”, although he was her fourth and last child.  When she initially discovered that she was pregnant with First, she was not ready to have another child, [...]

Amazing Thailand

The main motto promoted by the Thai tourism department is “Amazing Thailand”. The year 2016 was indeed amazing for our country, but none so surprising, especially in the area of sports, than the [...]