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The past month has seen unusually heavy rains across South Thailand resulting in flooding across vast areas of the South of Thailand. One of the areas that flooded was the area we live in, including our home. The road in front of home turned into a fast flowing river and we had water over half a meter deep throughout the ground level of our home. At the time our home was flooding we were in Bangkok. A few of our friends and neighbours phoned to tell us our house was flooding and urging us to rush home. Photos were sent to us to show us the damage. Facebook was full of photos and live recordings of the flooding. What to do? We were in Bangkok to fetch Bruce’s mum and we still needed to get some paper work sorted at the Embassy in BKK, it was not possible to rush home, even though we desperately wanted to rush home.
Praise the Lord for His provision of wonderful Thai neighbours and friends who worked tirelessly to lift our stuff onto counters and move what they could upstairs. If not for them the damage would be have been severe. They moved our motorbikes and bicycles to higher ground before they flooded, saved our electrical appliances in the kitchen, to name a few things. These neighbours were in possession of a key to our home because I had offered them the use of my oven, while I was away to make their daughter a birthday cake. I did not ask them to look after my home, but they looked after my home and my possessions as if they were their own, all the while dealing with their own home and restaurant flooding. I am humbled by the helpfulness and love our neighbours showed to us.
We were further blessed by an awesome short term team who cleaned our house once the flooding subsiding, thus allowing us to continue with our original plan of enjoying a much needed break at the beach.
Once again God reminds me that He is true to His word:- Philippians 4:19 says:- my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Thank you Father for your abundant provision at this trying time.

Bruce & Trish Bartleet 

  • Vincent Kee Ng

    My eyes are full of joyful tears to see that He takes care of us. An old hymn, His eye is on the sparrow, echoes your sharing.

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