The turtle

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Mother Khong saw another turtle along the road. She wanted to pick it up, but she hesitated. She did not have to bring the turtle back to the turtle temple.

A few months ago, she would have brought back lost turtles to the temple. In this temple, a turtle with a god inside is honored by bringing food and worship. Bringing a turtle back to this temple will be counted as a good deed to the person bringing it. It will bring prosperity in this life and next life.
But Mother Khong realized that she does not have to bring the turtle back to the temple anymore. The Lord Jesus is now her God and Father. ‘Well,’ mother Khong thought, ‘I can bring the turtle home and my son can bring the turtle back to the temple.’
Mother Khong bended over to pick up the turtle. Just as she wanted to catch the turtle, it blowed to her, shaked its head and turned away. Mother Khong looked amazed at the turtle. Mother Khong experienced God’s guidance. The turtle was happily living in God’s nature.
He teaches her gently how to live a life that honors Him.


Sijmen & Annelies den Hartog 

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