A tale of two talks

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“I sat and began meditating. I focused on emptying my mind and becoming one with the universe. I became one with the universe, and then I was sure, it would not rain before I got to work.”
So went part of the conversation that I had with Don, a young man who has been coming to Baan Santisook for the past few months. I have been meeting with Don occasionally to talk about Christ, but Don remains a staunch Buddhist.
“I’ve been coming to learn more about Christianity to see how it can help me in this lifetime, so that I can attain Nirvana in my next life,” he stated.
As you can imagine, remarks such as these rather take the sails out of one’s day. The Lord was good to me, however, in balancing that conversation out with a phone call from Joe, a former language helper, the very next day.
“Brian, I just wanted you to know, I went to a Christian camp a while back. Since then, I’ve been reading my Bible, and I’m listening to sermons online when I can’t go to church.”

I met Joe a few years ago. At the time, Joe was working at a coffee shop in Ayutthaya. He told me he hadn’t been to church for a long time, although he was a Christian. He was more than willing to study the Bible with me as part of my language lessons, but I never saw much growth or change.
How encouraging to hear of Joe’s returning to the Lord, and to see that he knew that I, as a former (attempting!) spiritual mentor, would want to know of his change of heart.
Church planting is too full of ups and downs to measure one’s “success” by the responses of others, apparent progress (or lack thereof) in the faith, etc.
Rather, let us hold fast to that which is Truth and take courage as we attempt to bring joy and strength to others:

Light in a messenger’s eyes brings joy to the heart,
and good news gives health to the bones.
-Proverbs 15:30

Brian and Bekah Farber 

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