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OMF International general director Patrick Fung writes:

Recently I have been reading through the book of 1 Kings and noticed a repeated phrase throughout the book: “his heart was not fully devoted to the Lord his God…” (1 King 11:4; 15:3) I was particularly struck by the word “fully”. The Kings of Israel continued to do evil in the eyes of the Lord and provoked the Lord’s anger. When the kings failed to follow God wholeheartedly, the kingdom fell apart. There was religiosity but not purity, performance but not obedience, achievements but not holiness.

Does holiness matter? Yes! Holiness is in fact commanded: God wills it (1 Peter 1:16), Christ requires it (Ephesians 4:21-24), and the whole of Scripture calls for it (Joshua 1:8). As the Fellowship goes forward with “The Task Unfinished” incorporating the three concepts of

  • Partnering with indigenous churches both in the sending and receiving contexts,
  • Pioneering in the neglected gospel frontiers and
  • Persevering in the engaged communities where large pockets of areas still lack a church,

I was challenged by the Lord that two other “P”s are of paramount importance. They are Prayer and Purity.

We not only pray that East Asia’s peoples may hear the good news of Jesus in all its fullness, but we also need to pray for ourselves that our lives and character reflect the good news of

Jesus Christ. We need to pursue holiness for without holiness, no one will see the Lord. (Hebrews 12:14)

Yes, Lord, help us as we go forward with The Task Unfinished – Prayer, Partner, Pioneer, Persevere and Purity.

The Task Unfinished is a global initiative to raise awareness of the need of East Asia’s peoples among the nations to love Jesus Christ as Lord. We invite you to join with us, invite your friends and commit to pray through five days of devotions for the Task Unfinished. You can sign up at

‘Facing a task unfinished” was written by Frank Houghton in 1930 to encourage 200 new workers to go to the inland provinces of China with the CIM, despite a difficult time of global instability. Modern hymn-writers Keith and Kristyn Getty were also challenged by this hymn as they were re-writing and re-arranging it. How will this hymn inspire you to participate in God’ s plans for the nations? You can watch our new video here and download it to use offline:

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  • Pastor Paul Atu

    Hello,greetings in Jesus name. I’m pastor Paul from Cameroon. Presently I live in Kampheangphet province in Thailand,pastoring a small church made of foreigners and Thai’s. I need a missionary cover so that I can plant more churches in Thailand.

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