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Like all other missionaries we have come here to Thailand to bless people with the good news of Jesus Christ the Saviour. We hope to be a blessing to the Thai people we meet.

When we arrived in Isaan (North East Thailand) six months ago we were told there wouldn’t be any Christians in the village where we were going to live. The only Christian known of in the area was one old man who lived out in the countryside and no one had seen him in a while.

However, one of the first people I spoke to, a shopkeeper, told me that she was a Christian. It turned out that she and her husband had even been missionaries themselves. Sadly, they didn’t seem to be very enthusiastic Christians anymore, but that first contact still surprised me.

And this (Christian) shopkeeper introduced me to my language helper. One of the first things my language helper told me was that she wanted to be baptized. And again we were amazed! Following this, I went with my language helper to an office where she had to do some business. At that place I learned that there possibly was another Christian who ran a coffee shop.

We felt a little sceptical after the meeting with the ex-missionary couple, so we didn’t act straight away and seek out the coffee shop owner. We were still busy settling in in our new place, but it stayed in our minds. After a couple of weeks we went to look for that coffee shop and were again really surprised. The couple that lived there indeed were Christians and it turned out that they even had the same goal as us…they wanted to start a church in our village! At this moment we are working together with this couple to reach out to the people in our district.

Recently we were also able to find the old man that we were told about before we moved here. He lives in a rural area in a simple wooden house with his four cows. He is 80 years old now and has been a Christian for about twenty years already, holding Sunday worship services on his own. Last Sunday he went to church with us!

Looking back we feel really blessed by all the people God has placed in our path and we are amazed at His guidance. We hope to be a blessing to our neighbours but it is so good to experience that His work doesn’t depend on us at all!

Wilke & Marlies den Hertog


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