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wsurber 7 June

‘Are you going to tell me the story about the two sisters? I now know that story! Mae Lop told me that story yesterday!’

Phi Niam is on her way back home. She has been in the rice fields the whole day looking after her cow. Near home she ends up chatting with her neighbour. While they are talking, Phi Niam discovers a beautiful link between the day-to-day-chit-chat and the Bible story which was taught last Sunday. When Phi Niam wants to start the story her neighbour interrupts her: I know that story! Told by Mae Lop, the other Christian in the village.

Every Sunday, church members learn from the Bible through story telling. The Bible stories are told in simple & understandable words. So the stories are easy to memorize and the church members can pass the stories on to others.

Mae Lop and Phi Niam cannot think of a life without the Lord Jesus. They love to share about what the Lord Jesus is doing in their lives. They love to share from their own experience, together with stories from the Bible.

And so it happens that people in this village hear Bible stories sometimes two times a week through Mae Lop and Phi Niam. This village has a negligibly low percentage of Christians, but the stories of the Lord Jesus are spreading throughout the village. The Word is sown. We pray to God that He will reap a harvest in His time.

Photo source:

Sijmen & Annelies den Hartog


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