Lesson of generosity from a Thai church in Bangkok

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21st Apr fruit goosmurf

I piled my family of five kids into our truck and set off to preach at a Thai church on a Sunday morning. On the way there, my wife saw a guy selling watermelons on the roadside.  She asked me to stop and she bought five good-looking watermelons.  I thought, “This is more than enough for a church of thirty Thai Christians.”  The Ruam Phraphawn or Joint Blessings Church is made up of mostly factory workers or migrants from the north of Thailand.  Most of them work long hours to survive and provide for their families.

After the service, we sat in a big circle with the believers and ate together. This is a common practice in all the Thai churches.  The juicy watermelons that my wife bought were also served.  But to my surprise, there were many more trays of fruits, including a huge amount of mangos, exotic jackfruits, and expensive tamarinds.  There must have been enough tropical fruits to feed a hundred people!  After we feasted, and the bellies of our children looked bloated, one Thai mother gave us three beautiful handmade baskets that she personally crafted for us.  I was struck by their generosity.

As Jesus told his disciples, some of us give out of our wealth, but some give out of their poverty. At times I am tempted to think that missionary work is a great sacrifice.  But God continues to chastise me through the generosity of Thais.  In the end, we can never outgive God!  Come to Thailand, and you will learn lessons of hospitality, humility and generosity from Thai Christians.

David & Gladys Chang


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