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I still remember the scene. I looked across the paddy fields in front of our house. A cow was grazing in the paddy field. Suddenly a whirlwind appeared and I saw the trees behind the cow bend back and forth quicker and quicker. Then, the forefeet of the cow were lifted and the cow turned 180 degrees! The trees were still bending to and fro, but not as much as before. The tail of the cow swung for a little bit more, and then the whirlwind disappeared.

I was speechless as I had never seen a  whirlwind before but yesterday I was reminded of the ‘flying cow’ scene. One of our sisters in Christ, Niam, was watching the cows with some neighbours. Most of the time farmers will walk on their own with their cows, but once in a while they will gather and watch the cows together and enjoy one another’s company. While sitting in the shade of some trees the farmers chatted together and Niam told a story about the Lord Jesus but the neighbours were scoffing her.

Sister Niam kept trusting the Lord for His guiding presence and then…a whirlwind came by. They all had to grab onto a tree for safety. Everyone was quite scared! Sister Niam did feel as if the Lord Jesus had empowered her words: ‘It looked like God was present with us!’

This time God speaks in a whirlwind, next time in the silence?

Sijmen and Annelies den Hartog


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