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Letters to Mom 18 Feb

May 2011

Dear Mom,

Today we arrived at our “new” home for the year while we are in language school. Our senior missionary was showing us around. When she flipped on the bathroom light, it revealed a good-sized roach crawling up the wall. With speed and purpose, she raised her arm and brought her hand straight onto the horrid thing, killing it with remarkable efficiency. “I can always smell them before I see them,” she remarked nonchalantly. Using toilet paper, she tossed the roach into the toilet and flushed. She was halfway up the stairs to give the second-floor tour before I realized I was still gaping in the bathroom. I don’t care how many years I live and work here, Mom, I can promise you, I will never, ever kill a roach with my bare hands, unless, of course, it is crawling over my sleeping baby’s crib.

Still recovering,



October 2013

Dear Mom,

We just got back from vacation. All was well until I decided to make spaghetti for supper. I began pouring the hot water off the noodles, and as the water went down the drain, not just one, not two, but three roaches ran out of the drain and into the sink. I screamed for Brian. He came running and manfully dispatched the three (they can run remarkably fast), and then proceeded to pour more hot water down the sink.

Mom, he killed twelve roaches last night. Twelve.

Still shuddering,



June 2014

Dear Mom,

It is very important to zip your purse closed all the way, even when it’s in your house. Otherwise, when you’re at the grocery store, and you open your bag and reach your hand in to get your wallet, you might see a dead roach lying in the bottom of your bag. Upon which you will turn white and weakly inform your husband of the situation, and he will surreptitiously shake it out while no one is looking.



November 2015

Dear Mom,

I am not planning on using the toilet at our ministry center again, ever. You know how I told you that I can smell roaches now, even if I can’t see them?

Well, I went to help Keona in the bathroom, and I could smell roach. I tried not to think about it, and just prayed that no roach would make an appearance while I was in there. I helped Keona off the toilet and flushed. Imagine my horror when what should meet my eyes, but a black roach swirling around in the toilet water. That thing was lurking under the rim of the toilet the whole time!

And it gets even more unbelievable. That very evening, I was relating this story over the phone to a friend. It was getting late, and I was locking up. Just as I was saying, “Thank goodness we have seen only one or two roaches at the new house,” what should crawl in under the door but… a… roach.

Wishing it weren’t true,


p.s. Surely heaven will be without some of the creatures currently on this earth.

Brian and Bekah Farber

Photo source: Ajadhav@flickr.com

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