The power of Anzac biscuits!

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anzac_biscuitI love to bake. It helps me relieve stress and it gives me joy to inflict my food on others (as I’m not the best cook!). Since moving to Thailand we have baked many western creations for our neighbours as a way of showing friendship and appreciation of their kindness to us.

A while ago I made a batch of Anzac biscuits (oatmeal cookies for all of you who are not from Australia or New Zealand…) for our neighbours. To my surprise they really enjoyed eating them and wanted to learn how to make them themselves and so my neighbour and her daughter came for a cooking lesson. Since then, the family has felt comfortable to come into our home and just sit and chat—something that did not happen before. We were able to share with them more about why we are in Thailand for Jesus. Praise God for these little opportunities to share the gospel here. We love being able to turn things we enjoy doing into avenues for gospel outreach.

Dave & Sarah Adams

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