Lesson of Endurance from a Thai Christian in Bangkok

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It was Friday evening.  It had been a long week filled with ministry responsibilities, and I was thinking of an excuse to skip our weekly house church meeting.  I was tired.  But Mr. Narong showed up at my front steps enthusiastic and ready to go.  He had been delivering coals to restaurants all day, and just received a call from another customer wanting his delivery.  He said that was a test from God—to see whether he would put God first before his business.

Just as we were leaving my house together to meet at another believer’s home, his nonbelieving wife called and threatened to lock him out of the house.  Mr. Narong answered her politely, hung up and said, “That was another test.”  Nothing could stop Mr. Narong from attending this precious fellowship of believers.

I thought about the life of this godly man, and I was deeply humbled and rebuked of my lack of zeal for God.  Mr. Narong has two children; his oldest son is seventeen, severely autistic and requires at least one adult to take care of him constantly.  Besides working hard all day, he bathes and feeds his disabled son morning and evening.  Yet he maintains a vibrant walk with Jesus, and endures ridicule and opposition from family members who are nonbelievers.  The difficult life he had only drove him closer to Jesus.

That Friday evening, I saw a deep hunger for God and a kind of perseverance in Mr. Narong that I needed to imitate.  Praise God for such faithful believers in Bangkok.  What lessons of endurance we missionaries must learn from Thais Christians who have walked with Jesus in the midst of difficulties!

David and Gladys Chang

Photo source: sharquail@flickr.com

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  • Christine

    Thank you Mr N for encouraging others. May the love of Jesus comfort you as you walk before all the jeers of others

  • Robert

    I have just discovered this site. I live in Oxford, England with my wife whose fro Bangkok. I got saved and born again in April 2014 and it is like i have been walking on air ever since! However, my wife is a staunch unbeliever, every time I went (yes ‘went’) to church there was always an argument because I work full-time and study full-time at the moment so my wife understandably feels that I should not spend our only day off at church away from her and the kids. So I recently decided to stop going to church for now, and I just meet with Christian friends through the week, and listen to pod casts etc. By the way – going to church was not how I got born again, it was reading an Andrew Wommack book that done it. I also listen to his podcasts a lot. I liked going to church because it was edifying, and the pastor is great; and the Holy Spirit is really there… There is so much to say… since I got saved I am happier than I have ever been, but at the same time things have never been worse in my natural life.
    I know that my wife will get saved because God showed me a few months ago, I just hope it is soon.
    It is great to know that there are so many Christians in Thailand! Mr Narong is a good example, I know that I should do the same but I just have had enough of the arguments. We will probably move back over there next year; I have a feeling things would be different if she met with other Thai Christians. She believes that Christianity is only growing both there and all over China and Africa because it is considered cool to be a Christian – just social and financial reasons etc… she does not know about the power of the Holy Spirit yet. I am very excited for the time when she will, I think she will really mean business with the Lord because she spends/ wastes a lot of time meditating and praying (to herself… that is who Buddhists pray to when they recite those prayers right?). If she would divert that attention to Our Lord Jesus Christ… wow it would be great.
    Happy I found this oasis, and read about Mr. Narong.

    • David Chang

      Thanks for sharing your recent experiences and struggles, Robert. May God grant you the patience and perseverance to keeping following Jesus, and be an example to your wife. It’s not easy to be a spiritual leader in your home, but it is a high calling from God. I’m a father of five kids, and I constantly struggle with the challenges of depending on God and leading my family. I believe you will need more support from other believers in the days ahead if you are going to make it in this journey. This is why we need to be part of a church, not only to have good teaching, but prayer and deep fellowship from others who will hold us accountable. When you are willing to take a stand and be faithful to Christ, overtime, your wife and kids will follow. It won’t be easy, but God will honor those who honor him first.

      There are actually many believers in Thailand, and they are growing and reaching out to other Thais. We’re seeing the Christian population growing steadily. If you come to Thailand with your family, please connect with us.

      Blessings in Christ,

      David Chang

  • David

    Acts 4:11 ‘There is no ther name under heaven; given to men by which we must be saved’

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