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BartleetMy family and I teach a children’s English class at a local church. We have been teaching weekly for around 2 months and the number of children attending has steadily increased. It is super to observe the friendships developing between the kids as they meet weekly, but it has also been a blessing as my children are starting to make friends with the Thai kids. I observe the invisible barriers that my children have built up begin to crumble as they realise that they are able to play with Thai children even if they don’t speak the same language.

One small aspect of our English class is to tell the children a Bible story, in English, which is translated into Thai by one of our Thai helpers and to teach the children a bible song. Today at language school while chatting to my language teacher we got talking about English club. Her daughter attends English club, but this family are not Christians. My language teacher was telling me how often in the mornings when her daughter is getting dressed she will hear her singing the Bible song we taught them. She continued sharing with me of how her daughter gets home and asks her grandparents “do they know Jesus?”, followed by a brief explanation based on the story we taught that week about God being the creator of all. Her grandparents are strong Buddhists yet have not forbidden her to attend and, even though she is not a Christian, God is using her to share His story with her family.

What an awesome God we serve. We are privileged to serve Him here in Thailand in this small way and I give thanks to Him for the encouragement we received today. That even with the little Thai language we have, when we are willing to serve others, He will use it for His glory.

Bruce and Trish Bartleet

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for what you and your family is/has done to spread the Word.

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