Where am I?

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We all need it from time to time – a haircut. So there I am sitting in the barber’s chair to have my first haircut in Thailand and the result is very, very short! As usual, I start casually looking into the mirror before me at what is around behind me. Where am I? I have been in India once and this really reminds me of the shops I saw in India: there is Shiva, the Hindu God and there is Ganesha, the Elephant God! Am I in India?

I look a bit higher and something else strikes me: there are the old men you can also see in Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands. Somebody explained to me that it’s Confucius or other famous men of China, with a slight twist of my head I just travelled from India to China.

The friendly man who is cutting my hair cleans his razor and that gives me the opportunity to look next to me. At the wall at the back of the shop I recognize the kings of Thailand, with some offerings in front of them, so I am in Thailand after all! The only one missing which I also expected to see in this shop is the Buddha, but I guess that does not mean that my barber does not revere Him too.

I hope and pray that another Asian man, who died and rose again, will be known in this part of the world more and more.

Wilke and Marlies den Hertog

Photo source: bstilwell@flickr.com

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