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krollWe came to a noodle shop and general store, and there we found Uanbu sitting at a table.  We sat down to talk with him, as Theerachai shared the prodigal son story, using an OMF poster-preaching flipbook with big illustrations of key points in the parable.  After twenty minutes or so, Uanbu was still hungry to hear more, so I shared with him a summary of the Bible from creation through Jesus and the Resurrection.  Uanbu stayed engaged and interested, asking questions along the way.  It was clear to me that the Lord had long been preparing his heart.  When I finished sharing the Gospel, Theerachai asked Uanbu if he was ready to believe in Jesus, and he said, “Yes!”  So he invited us to his nearby house to pray with him.  In Uanbu’s humble dirt-floored home, Theerachai, Ong, and I had the honor and privilege of praying with Uanbu as he called upon Jesus in faith for the first time!  According to Scripture, the angels were rejoicing as this precious soul came under the protection and salvation of Jesus!  We hope Uanbu will now be a key witness in Nabua village as our team from the Mien Church in Chiang Mai works to plant a church in this unreached village which has no church.

Jesse and Kristen Kroll

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