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plantLooking at it realistically that little plant should not have survived more than 2 or 3 days. For the plant to push up through the crack in the scorching hot concrete is quite something. But then to actually keep growing is really amazing. Somehow it must have its roots deep down there, getting water from somewhere below the deadening concrete floor. After all, the rainy season had not yet begun and we were not home for 2 weeks – so, no water from that end.

Coming home and finding that plant in the concrete floor behind our house somehow reminded me of the Church in Thailand. It is a miracle wherever a church, like a little plant, comes into being. It means pushing through the concrete floor of centuries of Buddhist influence, which persistently teaches the inescapable law of karma. According to that system, grace and forgiveness of sins is utterly impossible. Communicating the good news of Jesus Christ sometimes seems like sowing seed on a concrete floor: a waste of time and effort in vain.
But here it is, the Church in Thailand pushing through the ‘concrete floor’. Wherever it has its roots deep down in the Word of God it actually can survive the shade-less, scorching heat of the bare concrete. What we see now gives hope for the future. Because we do know that plants, even as small as this one, have the power to one day crack the concrete floor.

Ulrich & Renate Kohler

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