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In my local Thai restaurant, I ordered a non-spicy food dish. It was a shock to me as I ate, for it was as if a fire was burning inside my mouth. 3 glasses of cold water weren’t able to quench the spiciness. My language helper suggested that I let the waiter know directly not to put any chillies into the food but she also encouraged me to learn to adapt to the culture. Through the experience, I understand that incarnational living is not merely a change of eating habits or even adjusting my personal preferences, but learning the heart language and culture of the Thai people. I began to take small steps to enjoy the spiciness and learn how to love the Thai people as God loves them.

One day, I was invited by a church pastor to visit an old lady. She loves to drink daily a few litres of coke which causes problems to her health. As I began to build a relationship with her, I learned that, like many Thai women, she fears spiritual ghosts and death. She has therefore rejected the doctor’s advice to have an operation and even rejected our visits to her. She bargained with us and our God for healing. After three weeks of abstaining from drinking coke, she shared with us that the operation is no longer needed as her weight had gone down by 15kg. This extraordinary and divine experience for the lady means that she has decided to attend church worship weekly and to know Jesus more.

Musica Chui

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