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Homeschoolweek2They had a blast, our 2 daughters! A couple of weeks ago, they joined the OMF Home School Week. All children of OMF missionaries who are home schooled have the opportunity to be in class together for one week twice a year. This happens in the Mission Home in Bangkok. It’s a long drive for us, but definitely worth it! The classes are taught by mums and volunteers. It was a nice international group of children. Children from the United States, Switzerland, India and the Netherlands participated. Every day, a Bible lesson was told, crafts were made, songs were sung and games were played, etc. It was nice to have the possibility to do group activities. All in all, nine children took part this time, aged 4 – 7.

Our girls fitted in very well! Our youngest son played in the playroom with some friends of his age. Mark took the opportunity to continue language study. For us as parents, it was nice to exchange experiences with other parents and just to have nice conversations with friends. Altogether, our whole family enjoyed this week in Bangkok a lot. Next year we will definitely participate again!

Mark & Anne-Marie Bak

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