A power encounter through surgery

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SurgeryMr. Joy did come to some church gatherings for three years. But he never seemed really interested in the Lord until recently. Suddenly, he was diagnosed with a tumour in his brain and needed surgery.

Last week, I saw him at a wedding. As he shared what he was going through, he said: “God has answered prayers. I really need to come to church!” This was the first time I heard him speaking like this.

This is how God is working in his life. God used this difficult time to reveal His power to him. How true is it that God can use all situations in our lives to draw us closer to Him?

Mr. Joy has many religious responsibilities as he is the only son in a traditional Chinese family. Please pray for Mr. Joy, and believers like him, that they will also come to know the saving power of God’s grace.

Emanuel & Barbara Zwygart

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