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Something that I have been doing in Thailand is using Bible storytelling as a way to connect with people in the Word of God. While on home assignment, I decided that I would do the same thing. At the local church, we are a part of, they decided to start a local outreach with a neighborhood known for its crime and drug issues.

Each week we go and do prayer walking and talk to people. It has been a great time doing this, and I saw that many of the people who live here do not read or will not read, and hang out and talk a lot. So, I asked the other people from our church in the area if they would like to start sharing God’s Word with the people there. They said yes, and were excited. After this, I started a Bible storytelling training time, and now we are sharing the Word of God in a powerful way with a group of people that most likely would not respond to reading these stories. Now my co-outreach team at church are starting to share Bible stories in an accurate and reproducible way with other people in their life too. It has been great to see hardened young men be interested in the Word of God and start to ask some questions about life as we discuss the Bible stories about the life of Jesus. Something I have committed to is to learn a story set of 52 stories from Creation to Christ, and we are starting to tell these stories. It is not hard to do, and we can all do it. It is exciting doing missionary work right here in California. I have found some Lao families who know Thai, so this has been a fun time telling bible stories in Thai with these dear people also!

Kennedy Paizs

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  • j.o.terry

    Kennedy, great post. I am always rejoicing to hear of others who have discovered the joy of sharing the Bible via stories. I spent the last 18 years on the mission field telling and teaching Bible stories in villages. It was so unique because first of all these people loved stories–especially when told live. Second, most had never heard about the God who made the world and the first people. They loved the stories of Jesus and his authority over evil spirits, and his compassion for people with need. It takes awhile to get people to understand sin as many do not live in cultures that understand guilt/innocence. But they do live in cultures where fear/power is understood and many as shame/honor is understood. The women especially loved to hear the people in the stories “talking.” We learned to select stories and tell them in the most relational way for the people. I’ve written about selecting Bible stories and oralizing them for telling to oral learners. Here in the U.S. there is a growing number of small group Bible Storying groups that tell and learn the stories and talk about them inductively while fellowshipping. It is proving to be a good way to attract couples with needs, as well as to provide a witness to the lost and discipling to the new believers. I can tell you that you are part of a vast army of Bible storytellers in many lands. May the Lord bless your ministry.

  • Narlin

    I heard about Bible story telling long time ago. I wanted to be train. I and my husband lives in northern most part of thailand with 14 children living with us. Is there any nearest training and when?
    Thank you for your kind consideration.

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